Eastern Cascade Distributing (ECD), our sister company, provides local full service vending and equipment for North Central Washington. We deliver and stock product in our fully serviced machines. ECD also provides total coffee and water service


Vending machines are the 'go to' whenever you're craving a quick snack or drink. Here at Eastern Cascade Distributing we are committed to making sure all of our machines are functional and filled.

We carry a wide range of national, reputable brands and strive to take special consideration to make sure the contents of each machine cater to the particular tastes of it's customers. In addition to keeping all of our keeping our machines functional with our in-house service techs we also continue to embrace the latest technology so many of our machines allow card or mobile payments.


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Encourage 'healthier for you' snack choices and an active lifestyle with our healthy vending program. All snacks are under 250 calories and have limited fat, sodium and sugar content satisfying federal regulations for placement in schools, federal buildings and hospitals.

Not only are the snack and drink options nutritionally preferable to traditional vendors but the eye-catching graphics and branding actively encourage consumers to embrace a healthy lifestyle choices.


Our custom designed micro markets are the perfect solution for larger employers that want to take their break-room and vending offerings to the next level. In addition to the traditional snack and drink options micro markets offer fresh food and healthy meal choices. Our markets are equipped with state of the art payment software and monitoring systems ensuring that micro markets are well stocked for all to enjoy.