Spring into Clean!

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Preparing for the big Spring Clean can be daunting to say the least but with the right strategy, chemicals, cleaning tools and checklist the process can be streamlined.  Below you’ll find some of tips of the trade that will hopefully make the Spring Cleaning process a little more bearable.  As with any cleaning project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Weinstein Wholesale Solution’s sales representative if you’re unsure on how the best way to tackle a certain project. 

Tile Grout –The gradual dirtying of grout makes it barely noticeable but once it’s clean the difference is night and day.

For mild staining and repeated use a Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaner is ideal.  The bubbling action of the hydrogen peroxide lifts and suspends the soils from the grout so they can they be wiped away.  The Buckeye Eco Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner E15 and Spartan’s Clean by Peroxy are both excellent options.

For tougher stains you might need to use a mild acid based cleaner.  Some soils will attach themselves to the grout making them more difficult to remove.  An acid based cleaner will attack the grout itself loosening any soils that might be attached. For this reason acid based cleaners should only be used occasionally since they can be corrosive.  The Buckeye Eco Acid Cleaner E16 and Spartan’s Sure Step are options both stocked by Weinstein Wholesale Solutions.

Ice Melt Residue – Ice melt is a requirement to survive an Eastern Washington winter.  While it makes our sidewalks safer the milky residue it leaves behind inevitably gets tracked inside dulling floors.  

You’ll need to select a product that will dissolve and suspend the ice melt residue in the solution so the ice melt does not redeposit on the floors when it is wiped away.  Additionally in order to not damage floor finish it is important to select a pH neutral floor cleaner, the Buckeye Eco Floor Cleaner E32 and Spartan’s DMQ (which also has disinfecting properties) are perfect options.

Since the bulk of the ice melt deposits happen near entrances it is best to start furthest away from the entrance and work your way towards them.  Regardless if you are mopping or using an auto-scrubber it is important to change your cleaning solution constantly so it does not get saturated with ice melt crystals.  If the cleaning solution does get too saturated the ice melt residue will begin to redeposit on the floor. 

For tough concentrations near entrances, a floor machine equipped with a blue cleaning pad at low RPMs can help to agitate the ice melt deposits making removal easier.

Deep Cleaning the Restroom – Arguably the most used room in any facility is the restroom. It is important to give restrooms extra attention when spring cleaning time rolls around.  With Eastern Washington’s hard water is is important to remove that buildup periodically; mold and soap scum when unaddressed can also cause unsightly stains and offensive odors.

It is important to select a chemical that will aggressively remove soils but doesn’t damage the ceramic, glass, porcelain, chrome or stainless steel surfaces found in most bathrooms.  Acid cleaners are the gold standard of restroom cleaners as they are safe for these types of surfaces and attack common restroom soils.  Buckeye’s Sparkle and Spartan’s RJ8 are good options that have a higher concentration of active ingredients than general acid cleaners making them ideal choices for spring cleaning.  Since these are more robust chemicals, it is important to don the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) while cleaning and take care to make sure these chemicals do not mix with others.  Since restrooms have a high concentration of germs and bacteria, it is important to disinfect surfaces after cleaning up any soils. 

Disinfecting Stored Items & High Touch Points – One of the best parts of Spring Cleaning is finally dragging all of your summer supplies out of storage.   Items that have sat in storage for a considerable amount of time definitely benefit with a through disinfection, anything to keep the summer colds at bay. Disinfecting requires reading the labels for proper application. Most disinfectants, like Buckeye’s Neutral Disinfectant or Spartans DMQ, have claims attached to a specific dwell time and to achieve this, it is important to let it dwell. In addition to disinfecting stored items, Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to disinfect high touch points that might otherwise get missed. Light switches, doorknobs and phones are all high touch points that can harbor bacteria that are easily forgotten about or missed.