All About Floor Pads

The number of different sizes and types of floor pads can make the selection process a little overwhelming to say the least.  All of the different descriptions can make it seem like there’s a special pad for everything with secret magical power.  In reality, a floor pad services as an abrasive surface to assist in completing the task at hand.  The darker the color of the pad, the more abrasive it will be. It may be tempting to select the pad just based on the description you also need to consider what type of machine you’re using and how that will affect the abrasiveness.  The higher the machine’s speed is the more abrasive the pad will become which can have damaging results.  For example, a red buffing pad on a high speed machine can actually strip away floor finish since red pads are designed for usage at low RPMs (rotations per minute).  It also is important to avoid selecting a slightly more abrasive pad in an attempt to speed up the process as floors or their finishes can become damaged by the use. 

The graph below will help you best select the pad for your floor machine and the desired results. 

Stripping Boots w/ Removal Abrasive Soles

Stripping Boots w/ Removal Abrasive Soles

In addition to selecting the correct pad type, it is also important the pad is the correct size for the machine.  While yes, you can technically apply a larger or smaller pad to a machine and get some results, they will not be uniform.  The floor or the machine can become damaged and the machines themselves can become hard to operate increasing the risk of injury to the user.  To ensure stability when using a floor machine, we recommend wearing stripping boots with abrasive soles over your shoes so you have a better grip with the ground in the presence of floor cleaning solutions, strippers or finishes. 

If you are unsure on the type of pad to select don’t hesitate to reach out to your Weinstein Wholesale Solution’s Sale Representative so you can get the best results.