Introducing Gateway R Spec Liners

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In a previous newsletter post, Selecting the Right Liners, we discussed the best practices for selecting the liner for each application.  By making strategic choices through the liner selection process most customers are able to reduce the amount of plastic they are using thus reducing their overall costs. 

We are especially excited to announce that we've discovered an innovative garbage liner that further reduces the amount of plastic without sacrificing strength and performance; Gateway R Spec Liners.  

Traditional liner brands have options that fall into one of two categories: standard or premium liners.  Most standard lines are typically developed with Butene resins that have two molecular bonds; most premium lines utilize the more robust Hexene resins with six molecular bonds.  Gateway liners, on the other hand, sought to revisit the status quo of the liner industry and developed a proprietary, custom resin blend with more molecular bonds than the resins commonly used today.   

The result is a liner that consistently outperforms standard and premium liners while using a fraction of the plastic.  With Gateway liners you can down-gauge a liner's thickness without sacrificing performance. 

A Thinner Liner = Less Plastic Used = A Cost Savings for you* 

*and the environment thanks you too

You don't have to take our word for it.  Contact your Weinstein Wholesale Solutions sales representative; tell them you want to take the Gateway Challenge and we'll let the results speak for themselves.