Weinstein Wholesale Solutions strives to be the best Jan/San, wholesale and food service supplier in North Central Washington. We continually work to provide a superior product line, best service, a healthy and safe work environment and a strong commitment to enhancing our local communities.

Our team has been specifically trained in numerous facets of the industry to best serve and address our customers’ specific needs. We believe that each and every customer is important and deserves the same level of customer service regardless of their purchasing power. Each and every member of our sales team are active and responsible members of the communities they serve and therefore dedicated to the success of each and every customer.

Weinstein Wholesale Solutions, along with Weinstein Beverage Company and Eastern Cascade Distributing, has been a part of North Central Washington for over 75 years. Understanding that our communities directly contribute to our success, we strive to help sustain their strength and vitality by investing to further the educational opportunities, the growing arts scene and the comradery of the area. We are grateful to be a part of this vibrant region.

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